Comprehensive Metabolic With Grey Glucose

Alternate Name: CMPGTY

  | Chemistry With Glucose Grey

SAL Code:






Turn Around Time:

1 Day





Performing Laboratory:

Sherman Abrams Laboratory


See individual tests.

Specimen Requirements:

Primary Tube:


Primary Substance:




Stable Ambient:

3 Days

Stable Fridge:

5 Days

Stable Frozen:

30 Days

Rejection Criteria:

Gross hemolysis; improper labeling; EDTA or other contamination.

Clinical Info:

The CMP or comprehensive metabolic panel is a very commonly ordered laboratory test. This test is a profile with 14 components that includes direct analytes and some ratios and other calculations. The test is designed to determine a patients overall general health status and to screen for; or diagnose a variety of conditions and diseases. Abnormal results in any of the components of this profile may warrant additional testing and investigation.

Additional Information:

The comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) is used as a broad screening tool to evaluate the health of your patient and to screen for conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease among other possible conditions. The CMP may also be ordered to monitor patients with known conditions, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), and to monitor treatment with specific medications that may affect kidney or liver function and overall chemistry or metabolism.

Sample Collection:

A fasting specimen is requested to obtain a valid fasting glucose. Keep the tube sealed to prevent any shifts in sample carbon dioxide (Co2) levels.
Collect patient samples using standard phlebotomy techniques. Click here for additional collection instructions.

Test Limitations:

Delayed separation of serum/plasma from cells may cause inaccurate results. Prolonged exposure of serum/plasma to blood cells may cause glucose levels to go down and potassium levels to go up.

Specimen Handling Instructions:

Maintain at ambient temperature; or refrigerated if more than 12 hours. Avoid exposure to heat or freezing temperatures.

Test Information:


Component Name CPT Loinc
A/G Ratio 1759-0
Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) 84460 1744-2
Albumin 82040 1751-7
Alkaline Phosphatase 84075 6768-6
Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) 84450 88112-8
Bilirubin, Total 82247 1975-2
BUN/Creatinine Ratio 3097-3
Calcium 82310 17861-6
Carbon Dioxide 82374 2028-9
Chloride 82435 2075-0
Creatinine 82565 2160-0
eGFR (CKD-Epi Equation) 98979-8
Globulin 10834-0
Glucose, Plasma 82947 1558-6
Potassium 84132 2823-3
Sodium 84295 2951-2
Total Protein 84155 2885-2
Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 84520 3094-0