Anatomic Pathology & Cytology

Our experienced team of multi-specialty board certified pathologists, histotechnologists, cytotechnologists, and AP support staff are second to none.

Our team includes:
• Experienced board-certified pathologists with specialties in surgical
pathology, dermatopathology and cytopathology among other specialties.
• An experienced staff of histology technicians, grossers and cytotechnologists.
• A dedicated accessioning team.
• Specially trained client service reps.
• A quality assurance program that utilizes multiple layers of automated and
manual checks and formulas that go above and beyond the requirements of all
regulatory agencies.
Services Include:
• Full Cytology and Pathology testing.
• Technical Components (TC) and Global Component (GC) testing.
• A full menu of immunohistochemistry stains as well as other
diagnostic and confirmatory staining.
• Urovysion FISH testing.
• An automated Cytology/Histology correlation.
• HPV testing including genotyping.