Wound Culture

Alternate Name: WOUND CX

SAL Code:






Turn Around Time:

Preliminary reports in 1-2 days, final in 2-5 days.





Performing Laboratory:

Sherman Abrams Laboratory


Traditional culture setup; MICROSCAN Sensitivity and ID (where applicable); Gram stain (where applicable). If culture is positive, antibiotic susceptibilities (MICs) are only performed when appropriate. Feel free to call our microbiology department to discuss any special circumstances that may require additional workup.

Specimen Requirements:

Primary Tube:


Primary Substance:


Stable Ambient:

2 Days

Rejection Criteria:

Improper samples, samples not labeled correctly, samples that are suspect for contamination.

Clinical Info:

Superficial wound; deep wound/abscess infections are often caused by a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Use this test to determine if there are any bacteria present that may require therapeutic intervention.

Additional Information:

Identification of infectious agents in wounds or abscesses and other aspirates. If culture is positive, antibiotic susceptibilities (MICs) are only performed when appropriate.

Sample Collection:

Collect a sample using a swab or in some cases a syringe. Tissue, superficial wounds, deep wounds, abscess, and body fluids may also be sent in. Purulent sterile body fluids not submitted in an anaerobic transport device may not be accepted for culture if received after 8 hours of collection.
Aerobic cultures: Superficial wounds, abscess, aspirates, animal bites.
Anaerobic cultures: Abscess or deep wound, tissue, normally sterile body fluids (other than blood), exudates, aspirated pus or abscesses and any other fluids.

Test Limitations:

Prior or current antibiotic therapy may cause negative cultures or delayed growth.

Specimen Handling Instructions:

Send tissue in any sterile container, fluid in tube or syringe with cap; no needle attached. If submitting syringe, remove needle, expel air and cap syringe. Label all containers clearly with sample origin.

Test Information:


Component Name CPT Loinc
Preliminary Report 1 -