CBC & Differential W/ Reticulocytes

Alternate Name: Cbc Retic

  | Blood Count

SAL Code:



57022-6 (CBC)

Turn Around Time:

1 Day




Complete Blood Count

Performing Laboratory:

Sherman Abrams Laboratory


Automated cell counter with mixed technologies and microscopic review (where warranted).

Specimen Requirements:

Primary Tube:


Primary Substance:

Whole Blood EDTA



Stable Ambient:

1 Day

Stable Fridge:

3 Days

Stable Frozen:


Rejection Criteria:

Hemolysis; clotted specimen; specimen drawn in any anticoagulant other than EDTA; specimen diluted or contaminated with IV fluid; tube not filled with minimum volume (1.5mL for a regular lavender tube, FULL for a pediatric tube); improper labeling.

Clinical Info:

The CBC or Complete Blood Count test is one of the most commonly ordered laboratory tests. This test is a profile that is designed to check for many different medical conditions. This test may be used as a screening test as well as a diagnostic test. The test is designed to check for the three major types of blood cells: Red blood cells (RBC) or erythrocytes, white blood cells (WBC) or leukocytes and platelets or thrombocytes. The test will also perform an automated differential to differentiate the different cells within each category. In some cases, and where warranted a manual differential count will be performed where the hematologist will make a thin-smear slide of the patients' blood and confirm or adjust the automated findings. Obvious blood parasites such as malaria and babesia may also be noted during this exam, but if you suspect a patient to have a blood parasite, please order SAL# 1070.

Additional Information:

This test is very useful as a screening test to evaluate overall health; detect and/or identify a wide range of hematologic disorders; assist in managing medications/chemotherapeutic decisions.

Sample Collection:

Collect patient samples using standard phlebotomy techniques. Click here for additional collection instructions.

Test Information:


Component Name CPT Loinc
Complete Blood Count -
Complete Blood Count, Differential -
Immature reticulocyte fraction 33516-6
Mean reticulocyte volume 48706-6
Reticulocytes 85045 17849-1